Vertical Growing Systems

Brighterside Vertical Growing Systems

Our partners at Brighterside Systems have dedicated years of research and innovation to bring you the best in high-density cultivation equipment. Maximize your yield per square foot by eliminating aisle ways, and take advantage of unused overhead space by growing vertically, all in one convenient installation.

Lighting from the side allows maximum vertical expansion.
Movable shelving eliminates aisles and allows more growth per square foot.


The movable design allows maximum utilization of floor space. Shelves are mounted on rails and moved via rotary handles on the ends of the units. When access is needed, simply turn the handle and the units all move along the rails, giving you space to access the desired row. This allows you to grow in spaces that would otherwise be unused.

The shelves themselves can accommodate any irrigation system or growth medium from hydroponics to traditional soil. Make use of your unused space and gain an edge on the competition. Contact us today!


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