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Featured Products



Manage inventory, organize parts, increase efficiency, and utilize all available space

Law Enforcement

Personnel lockers, secure storage, mobile guard shacks and more


Increase yields with vertical grow racks, drying racks, and convenient work stations


Manage inventory, organize parts, increase efficiency, and utilize all available space

Office & Administrative

Archives, office supplies, workstations, mobile offices, and shelving

Government Contracts

Personnel lockers, secure storage, mobile guard shacks and more


A well-functioning space benefits everyone. We can help you get there.

Design and Consultation

    Our sales team will work with you, free of charge, to understand the problems you’re facing, and find a solution on your terms. We will use our design experience to help you envision the perfect flow and organization of your workplace. We have a wide range of products to choose from, and we often have access to used systems for a discount.

Installation and Repair

    We install, repair, and remove all of our major products. Our service team is screened and selected based on their skill and work ethic, so they’re always ready for the toughest jobs. We are available for other projects as well, including repairing equipment that was installed by a third party, and repairing or removing older equipment. We’re based in the Pacific Northwest, but we’ve worked on projects as far away as Alaska, Canada, Montana, and Southern California. If it’s storage, we’re familiar, so give us a call!


    Automated storage systems require regular upkeep to run smoothly and extend their lives to the fullest. We offer contracts on all of our automated systems to ensure you get the most out of your investment. We will also perform maintenance on any storage systems upon request, but as anyone who’s forgotten to put oil in a car knows, fine machinery benefits from regular attention and care.

Benefits of High-Density Storage


Reduced clutter leads to fewer accidents and improved work conditions.


Utilize existing resources, reduce redundancy, and keep things moving on schedule.


Higher morale and an improved workflow ensure greater returns for your business.

What Our Clients Say

"I want to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed we were with the work done by the McManus Brothers. Their combined experience and personability made them easy to work with."
Central Washington University
"You [McManus Brothers] should be proud of the work you did on this project, and thank you for your assistance."
Tri-City Herald
"This is a family-owned business, so you know you are getting hands-on help when you need it. [...] The service that we have recieved from the McManus Brothers has been outstanding."
Donald R. Moe
President, American Insure-All


Our designers love a challenge!

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